Our services are offered to inmates of correctional facilities for outbound calls only. Calls can be billed to residential or business lines. Toll charges are based on the actual usage of the network. Billing charges accrue when the called party accepts the charges and confirms the call charges. Positive acceptance is required for all calls. The minimum billable duration is one minute. Unless otherwise specified in this rates section. Billable time is measured and rounded to the next higher full minute. Our systems will terminate a call if the called party does not accept the call charges. Customers are not billed for no a response. Please contact support if you feel you have been improperly billed. 

Note: These posted rates are subject to change without notice.

Transaction Fees

  • A transaction fee is added to each payment made through our systems
  • If paying through an Automated IVR System: $6.95 per transaction
  • If paying through the Customer Portal Website: $3.95 per transaction
  • If paying with the assistance of a live operator: $6.95 per transaction

Minimum Deposit Amount

  • there is a $25.00 minimum for the first deposit